About Us

Welcome to Irish Sea Moss Gel!

We are located in Houston , Texas.  We import our sea moss from the beautiful Caribbean Islands. We make our Sea Moss fresh daily at Sunshine's  Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli  3102 Old Spanish Trail Houston, Texas 77054.  Our goal for the last 30 years is to introduce people to a healthier lifestyle.  the products that we carry in stock online and in the store are products that we use for our family.

Sea Moss is our most popular product, but it is an introduction into a new healthier you!

Remember anything you take care of will flourish.  Detox the body first . think of it.  we clean our cars, our homes.  but when will you clean  out the body?   Our most popular Cleanser is CKLS by New Body Products.  If you need more information about any of our products please email us or give us a call.  and Remember "Everyday is a New Day to start the NewBody"

You can contact us via email: info@irishseamossgel.com.